August 29, 2010



August 28, 2010


A short update on what has been going on these days:
-I've been having lots of work to do
-College has been a pain in the butt! can't stand it!
-My brithday was a week ago!!! :D yay me! haha I'm getting old!
-My boyfriend came to visit for my birthday!! super awesome! aaand he's still here!! :D
-Yummy desserts -drool-
-Boyfriend's leaving in a couple of days :( bummer
-Sister got a boyfriend too ;) GO Andrea!
-I need pictures for my blog!! 
-My hair has been a mess the entire week
-Aaaand I've been having an irregular week when it comes to dressing XD

August 3, 2010


We've got some new things today!
1. New post
2. New Layout
3. New blog member/author
4. New Hairstyles

Just that :p


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