March 30, 2011

Recipe of the week: Cuban Bread

And now, a new section for the blog: RECIPE OF THE WEEK! woohoo

Here's what I made today :) Little cuban bread balls or what ever their name is supposed to be :P If you are looking for a bread with crispy crust and dense inside this is your lucky day! 

Click on "Continue Reading" below for the recipe ;)

P.S. I'll try to update this section every week so check back for more recipes!

March 27, 2011

Viktor & Rolf for KLM

Viktor & Rolf, Dutch fashion designers, have designed a new pair of amenity kits for the Dutch airline KLM. Too bad it's only for those who travel on intercontinental flights in the airline's World Business Class :( 

According to KLM, a new color of bags will be available every 6 months and a new set of bags will be created each year (for 4 years) cool cool :D 
As you can see below, there's a design for men and another one for women. Each bag will contain a toothbrush, toothpaste, socks, an eye mask, lip balm, a pen, ear plugs, and facial cream (for the ladies only!)



Source: KLM

March 26, 2011

Follow Me ;)

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Glitter and Legos

Another Saturday has flown by :( but I have to admit that I managed to do a lot of things :) Working all morning, lunch with my mom and brother (yummy shrimp cocktails and shrimp pizza), a bit of homework done (still got loads to do), took a short nap, painted my nails with this cool silver+glitter OPI nail polish my sister got for me :D and made a Lego ring! haha pretty geeky but very cool! What do you think?

Happy weekend! <3

March 25, 2011

Maxi skirts

Some pictures for inspiration: the maxi skirt being worn in different ways. Pleated, colorful, flowy, there's a lot of options for us to choose from.
I've never worn something like this but it's never too late to start and I'm loving the way they look! Who knows, maybe I'll try making one myself :) can't be that hard right?

March 23, 2011

The Obamas in El Salvador

So the President of the United States arrived today (March 22 just to clarify haha i was reading this post agin and noticed it went up the 23) to El Salvador accompanied by the First Lady Michelle Obama and their daughters.

The day was terribly hectic to say the least.. traffic everywhere, closed streets, protest going on, and whatnot. But if we talk about fashion, it's a whole different story :)

Mrs. Obama arrived at the airport wearing this blue printed dress by designer Jason Wu, adorned with a brooch by Alexis Bittar.

And below, you can see the print on the Jason Wu Resort 2011 runway

March 22, 2011


I've seriously left this blog untouched for so long!
I shall post XD
can't let procrastination, college and work keep me away! hahaha.

I'll be back soon with a better post than this :)


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